Tips And Hints
HERBS: Add a Fresh Idea to your Restaurant
There is nothing like the sweet aroma of freshly grown herbs to remind us summer is here! Planting Mint, Rosemary and Sage in patio flowerpots or near your entrance provides a wonderful summer melody of herbal scents. Fresh herbs add appetite appeal to any dish and “green” appeal to your customers with locally grown, fresh ingredients right from your own garden.

To grow herbs inside your restaurant year round, plant the herbs in containers that allow 1-2 inches of growth around the root ball and prune lanky stems to promote new growth. To maximize flavor, herbs need at least five hours of direct sunlight a day.

BURGERS: The Authentic Handcrafted Burger
What’s summer without burgers? We all know how burger sales escalate during the hot steaming patio days, so why not offer an upscale homemade juicy burger? To capitalize on the most recently released Canadian Chef Survey, Hot Trends 2010, Gourmet Burgers rated in the top 5 menu trends. Create a handcrafted burger with premium Angus Beef, bison or venison and top with a new Saucemaker Yogurt Sauce, such as Yogurt Spicy Buffalo Sauce. Roll and press the burger into a tight ball to release all air, then form into a patty shape and refrigerate for 2 hours to ensure a tightly formed, beautifully crafted homemade burger!
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